April 1, 2011

Hodo Invites Ideas for our new kiosk

Are you questioning the buzz about a Hodo kiosk in the Ferry Building opening in May? Well, believe it! Across from Out The Door and next to Gott's Roadside, Hodo is opening its first very own retail space! We will sell many new ready-to-eat breakfast and lunch items, flavored soy milks, and all our freshly-made soy products.

Our kiosk will serve as a stage to present our soy innovations, as we have them. Our current projects include:

Tofu-flavored Bacon. No one's succeeded in making a truly delicious soy-based bacon substitute, including us, so we've switched gears and begun developing a soy-flavored bacon. Yes, we are still a vegetarian company, but we're making this one small exception in pursuit of an amazing product.

Soy Liqueur. We haven't perfected the fermentation process, but as soon as we do, our beverages will be even more intoxicating! Look for soytinis and Long Island Soy Teas at our kiosk bar soon!

Edible Soyrangements. Edible gifts have taken off, and Hodo has tested some beautiful yuba roses and braised tofu tulip bouquets. They look fantastic and taste delicious... so long as you present them to your loved ones in a refrigerated space.

What ideas do you have for new soy innovations? We welcome your suggestions! We want the launching of our kiosk to be a collaborative community event!

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