July 9, 2009

The Humble Soybean

Did you know that the usable protein in a 1/2 cup of soybeans is the same as that contained in 5 ounces of steak? An 8 ounce serving of tofu has 11.5 gms of usable protein, the equivalent of 3.25 ounces of steak, 5.5 oz of hamburger, or 2 eggs (THE BOOK OF TOFU, William Shurtleff). Plus its got no cholesterol or saturated fat.

These are pretty stunning facts, not to mention that soybeans produce 33% more protein per acre of land than any other crop, and 20 times more usable protein as could be raised on an acre of land given over to grazing beef.

While the health and environmental benefits of consuming more protein from soybeans are compelling, I eat tofu mostly because it tastes great when made fresh and prepared with care.

In the case of tofu, I can satisfy my belly and my conscience....