April 6, 2011

Bakesale Betty Fried Tofu Sandwich

Since becoming a vegetarian and slow foodist and moving to the Bay Area, I have eaten so well that I rarely miss my old diet. Except when the first perfect days of Spring arrive, like they have this week, and I smell everyone's barbecues.

And when I pass by the line outside Bakesale Betty's and overhear the patient lunch-goers saying to their friends, "just wait until you try this amazing fried chicken sandwich. The combination of slaw, fresh French roll, and crispy chicken are dreeeamy."

At last, beginning April 12, we self-sacrificing vegetarians will have a dreamy Bakesale Betty sandwich to line up for! During the photo shoot for today's Oakland Tribune article about popular food companies who launched their businesses at farmers' markets, Minh and Betty finalized the specs for how he would brine the tofu and she would fry it for this unbelievably delicious sandwich. Betty brought her "final take" to the beanery, and we were speechless with appreciation for the most skillful fry job we had ever witnessed, and the most magnificent balance of cabbage, parsley, vinegar, and olive oil topping it.

I hope to see you in line to try the fried tofu sandwich's debut next Tuesday! Or Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, as I will most likely be there for one every day.

P.S. Even though the news of a Bakesale Betty friend tofu sandwich seems too good to be true, believe it! A Hodo Ferry Building kiosk opening in May will happen also! However, Hodo selling soy-flavored bacon, soy cocktails, and edible soyrangements at said kiosk was an April Fools Fancy. Sorry to disappoint those who didn't catch on.