June 21, 2012

Hodo Tofu Now Available in a CSA!

Happy Summer!

At our beloved start-up, we enjoy a quickly-changing environment and the new challenges that it brings every season.  But the first day of summer this year greets us with a particularly exciting development:  Hodo's first CSA!

That's right, you can now get your favorite Hodo products delivered to your neighborhood every week with your fresh produce!  You don't have to rely on what will be available at the farmers' market or on making time for a trip to a natural grocery store.

CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is an exchange whereby farmers offer shares (which usually translate to a veggie box, but is not limited to vegetables) to interested consumers who "subscribe" by buying a month or a years'-worth of shares in advance.  This arrangement enables farmers to receive payment early in the season when their costs are the highest.  And it allows consumers, or members, to buy fresh, locally-grown, organic produce directly from the farmer.

Eating with the Seasons, heralded as the Bay Area's favorite CSA for giving customers choice (and an amazing array of it) in what they receive each week, now offers Hodo Firm Tofu, Curry Nuggets, and Spicy Yuba Strips!  Every week when Eating with the Seasons members place their orders and select exactly what produce and additional local products they want delivered, they can choose Hodo tofu from the MISC section.

Eating with the Seasons has long offered proteins like meat, cheese, eggs, and nuts for their members to select alongside produce from Herbert Family Farm and other farming Greats in the Hollister area.  So when we approached them with the suggestion to carry tofu, their interest was peaked.  Then they sampled Hodo's tofu and were sold.  "I don't usually like tofu," Eating with the Seasons' Operations Manager Bryan Proehl said, "But these are delicious!"

For anyone wishing to try Eating with the Seasons' CSA, there's an easy and low-commitment way to do it: the "4 week trial" option.

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