March 11, 2010

Hodo Enters Your Neighborhood Store

Thank you for telling us where you shop!  In January and February we joined many of your neighborhood grocery stores!  If you've been mum on this subject and we're still not in your favorite market, please let us know.  Here are Hodo product's newest homes:

New San Francisco Locations
Buffalo Whole Foods, 598 Castro Street, The Castro
Cal-Mart Supermarket, 3585 California Street, Laurel Heights
Daily Health Food and Deli, 1235 9th Avenue, Inner Sunset
Potrero Hill Whole Foods, 450 Rhode Island Street
The Nature Stop, 1336 Grant Avenue, North Beach
Real Food, 2140 Polk Street, Russian Hill

New East Bay Locations
Alameda Natural Grocery, 1650 Park Street, Alameda
Berkeley Natural Grocery, 1336 Gilman Street, Berkeley
Berkeley Whole Foods, 3000 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley
Country Cheese, 2101 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley
El Cerrito Natural Grocery, 10367 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito
The Food Mill, 3033 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland
Piedmont Grocery, 4038 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland
Star Grocery, 3068 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley
Tokyo Fish Market, 1220 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley
Yaoya-San, 10566 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito

New Outer East Bay Locations
Lunardi's Danville, 345 Railroad Avenue, Danville
Lunardis Walnut Creek, 1600 Palo Verdes Mall, Walnut Creek

New North Bay Location
San Rafael Whole Foods, 340 Third Street, San Rafael

If you cannot find your favorite Hodo products at these stores, please let the store manager know and hopefully they will expand their Hodo selection soon!  Thanks again for pointing us in the direction of these friendly markets!

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