February 11, 2010

Look Who's Visiting Hodo.... Part II

While our visitors tend to leave the Hodo Soy Beanery Tour pretty impressed, we also find our visitors to be really interesting people doing some cool things. We feel equally lucky to have met them and to have learned about a world beyond tofu.

In the above picture. Minh, our founder is giving a tour to Andrea Nguyen (an author, cooking teacher, and contributing editor to Saveur magazine. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times and San Jose Mercury. She is also the author of several books. http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/about_andrea_nguyen.html), Rory O'Brien, professor of philosophy at Cabrillo College, Bryant Terry (Oakland based chef, food justice advocate, and author of several books including Vegan Soul Kitchen. Additionally he was the host on The Endless Feast, a 13 episode public TV series "that explores the connection between the earth and the food on our plates." ), and Megan Kelty from CBS News (doing a story on Hodo for a future date, stay tuned).

Everyone is engrossed in the exquisite texture of the fresh yuba, still tender and moist from being pulled from the tray just seconds ago. Yum!

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